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Flora is known around the world for their superior quality health products, due to their use of premium organic ingredients as well as their exceptional manufacturing and packaging standards. Brands include FlorEssence, Udo’s Choice, and Flora Herbal Teas. NTP Health Products is proud to be Australia’s exclusive importer/distributor of these outstanding products.
Information about the amazing Certified Organic nutritional wholefood formulas created by Dr Udo Erasmus - including his world-renowned Udo’s Oil. This site explains the benefits of each product with links to a secure online shopping cart. Premium quality, vegetarian, rich in Omega Fatty Acids, these products are easily added to any meal.
Teeccino is a delicious coffee-style beverage that is completely CAFFEINE-FREE! Roasted, ground and ready-to-brew in your coffee machine, plunger or cup filter, it comes in 12 varieties (75% or 100% organic) as all-purpose-grind or in convenient tee-bags. It’s a fantastic alternative to coffee, with all the satisfaction of a freshly brewed “cuppa”.
Beautiful, handblown glassware, uniquely shaped to restructure and revitalise water. What is more important than water? Designed and manufactured to correlate with the dimensions of the Golden Ratio - also known as Sacred Geometry - to generate harmonic resonance for a positive energetic influence for your health and wellbeing.
Surya Brasil creates an amazing range of beautiful, healthy and ecologically sustainable skin, hair and beauty products, made from the highest quality natural ingredients sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. Includes henna hair colour, hair care products, and skin care for women and men.
Honeybee Gardens creates natural cosmetics and bodycare products with ALL NATURAL ingredients. The range includes all-natural make-up, eye shadows, eye liners and mascara, water-based nail polish, lipstick, lip balms, lip liners, alcohol-free hair spray, deodorant powder, herbal aftershave and more…
These authentic, delicious and nutritious pumpkin seed products are certified organic - grown, cultivated and prepared by Schalk Mühle KG in the wonderful, south-east Styrian region of Austria (Protected Geographical Indication). Specialising in Pumpkins Seed Oil, they also produce pumpkin seed flour (58% protein – raw and toasted), naked pumpkin seeds, and unique pumpkin seed lard. When you buy Styrian Pumpkin Seed products made by Schalk Mühle you are buying truly unique, superior quality, authentic and delicious products.
Our Certified Biodynamic farm is 250 acres of lush pasture and fertile soil beside the Barrington River NSW. With Devon cattle, olive trees, garlic, turmeric, black walnut trees and a small orchard, we proudly supply discerning “foodies” with quality seasonal produce for your good health.
Black garlic is whole-bulb garlic that has been specially prepared and carefully fermented under closely monitored conditions. Perfectly balanced temperature and humidity are
needed, followed by a set drying period for the garlic to develop the fantastic flavour
and colour that gives Black Garlic its name.
This manual oil press is designed to press oil from nuts such as walnuts, groundnuts and coconuts, and for seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and many more oil seeds. All seeds and nuts with more than 25% oil can be processed with the standard device. No need for filtration. The standard press can also be used to produce a nut paste such as peanut butter and marzipan. The website gives useful tips on application of vegetable oils such as soap making and floating candles and on different methods for mounting of the press etc.
There are many do-it-yourself hair colouring products out there. This site has been designed to give you guidance on making the best decision for you! Whether you are interested in permanent, semi-permanent or henna hair colours, or you are simply thinking about lightening your hair, this site is the place to go.


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